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How to sell my home privately in 2018?

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[Answer]: Real Estate Technology can save you money by selling your home privately.

For over 100 years, the real estate industry has provided services to help homeowners sell their home that has been built on homeowner equity, triggered by a sale. 

The value of all global property, including residential, commercial forestry and agricultural is estimated at $217 trillion.

With residential properties representing 75% of this valuation and with approximately $80 billion paid in real estate commissions across North America, the industry readily attracts new competitors in an attempt to grab a slice of the pie. In the past, new real estate technology has been more about upgrading, adding more information, features and services to traditional home for sale websites ….until recently.

How to sell my home privately in 2018?

How to sell my home privately? This is a common question and new real estate technology is the answer. The internet is changing the real estate industry, giving buyers and sellers more information to make informed decisions on their own and to contact each other privately without agents.  

Enter Facebook with real estate technology that pushes industry change forward. Homeowners can advertise on their own without the need to employ an agent, flat-fee services or list on advertising websites, such as Zillow. Inman’s article, What real estate agents are saying about Facebook’s rental listings, provides insight into Facebook’s marketplace.

Yet, as the global real estate industry braces for change, the question on everybody’s mind is –  How much longer can the industry hold on to home for sale websites, flat service fees and commissions charged to sell real estate? The days of 5-6% commission rates, charged to sell a home, may soon be over, as the industry searches for new ways to serve buyers and sellers.  In the article, No More 6 Percent Commission, these brokers will sell your house for a flat fee, CNBC discusses the impact of real estate technology and how newcomers to the U.S. market, such as Purplebricks, are finding new ways to offer agents a profitable role based on a flat-rate service.

How-to sell privately and for sale by owner blogging and advise is filling up the internet.  Jason Steeles, author of “How to Sell Your House By Owner – Without a Realtor” offers a list of 9 excellent tips on how to sell by owner privately.  Kevin Mercadante’s from MoneyUnder30, gives excellent tips to prepare to sell privately in his article “How to sell your house by owner yourself without a realtor“. 

Options to sell a home privately and save money in 2018

The real estate industry is redefining traditional services as new entrants make big moves into real estate. Facebook’s launch into real estate validates a C2C marketplace is here to stay and will shake up the real estate and advertising industry to its core. Facebook offers an advertising alternative to the traditional home for sale websites. Commission, flat-fee services and advertising websites including Zillow, and Rightmove are all nervous about the latest next-generation real estate technology.  The bulk of savings with FSBO comes from the seller agent’s commission.  Here are some considerations for home sellers looking to save.


Yet it’s the buyer agents who are most at risk. Traditionally, buyer agents work for the buyer, yet are compensated by the owner at the point of sale. As more information is published publicly and as digital services improve, buyers can buy a home privately on their own without the help of a buyer agent. 


NAR 2016 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

Savvy real estate investors are keen to find new real estate technology to retain equity in their investments and homeowners look for new ways of selling a home privately to save money on the sale. In a recent Forbes article, Joe Fairless, real estate veteran with $191M in real estate assets, talked about the upside of finding buyers without listing through a broker stating, “off-market opportunities can be more difficult to find, but the financial benefits of acquiring an apartment directly from an owner are worth the time investment”.  The challenge of finding private buyers is resolved with that gives homeowners free, open access to find buyers by location and to contact buyers privately.

As digital transformation takes hold and agents are no longer able to hold onto commissions rates charged to sell a home, approximately $80B in real estate commissions paid annually across North America is effectively put back into seller’s pockets. Selling a home privately has been made easier, thus, driving down agent and advertising fees, allowing homeowners to retain more equity at point-of-sale.

The next generation of real estate technology is delivering real value directly into the hands of buyers and sellers, offering more information on easier-to-use platforms.  The industry is shifting to free, private services where homeowners have options and new ways to sell a home privately that saves money.


selling my home in 2018

‘I would sell my home privately!’ Explore your options and ask yourself these questions ;

  1. Do you prefer agents or would you try selling your home privately using new real estate technology?  
  2. Have you explored your private real estate options?
  3. Would you reply to buyers interested in your neighborhood on

As the pace of change increases, it’s worth looking into new options to save and retain your homeowner equity., a buyers’ want ads, gives buyers real estate technology to post in sought-after neighborhoods with their profile, for homeowners to contact them privately before going to the expense of advertising their home for sale.  

The growth in Owner to Owner Homes can be seen on as more homeowners search for buyers by location, vet and qualify buyers by exploring their profiles of what and where they’re looking, and contact them privately without agents. 


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Check out is a buyers’ want ads where homeowners can search their own or any neighborhood worldwide, find buyers and contact them privately. Homeowners can qualify buyers by viewing profiles, see who they are, where and what they’re looking for, before sending private messages. RuListing provides free, open access to contact the right buyers without an agent and gives homeowners and home buyers the choice to engage an agent to help complete the sale.  

Leave a comment and share what experiences you may have buying and selling your home privately.


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