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Home Design and Decorating Dreams Come True

Many of us feel the itch toward home design and decorating improvements. We’re inspired to peruse trending designs, to stroll through National Home Shows and to enjoy the fun of dreaming about the day when all the redesign work is done.

How many times have we seen that charming neighborhood, beautiful house, design photo or product and we’ve forgotten where it was or where we saved it to?

The key to turning dreams into reality is to plan out all your future real estate. Homeowners on average purchase a new home every 10 – 15 years. As such, many of us could own up to 3-4 principal properties, plus other secondary vacation homes, over the course of a lifetime. Multiply this number by 3-4 bedrooms, great rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, with various styles, depending on whether you’re designing a cottage or contemporary condo, and we could easily spend a good part of our years in home redesign mode.

The first step to realizing your home design and decorating dreams is to plan and store all your real estate, from your current home to future addresses, streets or neighborhoods, vacation properties or even favorite retirement residences, all in one place. RuListing has a great Wishlist tool to store any location, anywhere in the Google map world. Next, plan your design style for each location on your Wishlist and add your own photos from the street or save great images you’ve found that fit your planned style. Whether spotting a favorite nook and cranny at a friend’s house, while on vacation or on Pinterest, now you have a real estate plan that you can update with photos and notes as you go. When you’re ready to make a design update or move to your next place, you’re prepared. Your Wishlist will be at your fingertips, complete with all the design inspirations and products you’ve accumulated over time…..making your design and home decorating dreams come true.

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